Vignette online for the Hungarian highways and motorways. AUTOVIGNET 🇭🇺 authorized provider.

10-day Monthly Annual Annual regional


Passenger car (max. 7 seats)

19,64 5 500 Ft 31,79 8 900 Ft 175,68 49 190 Ft 20,43 5 720 Ft


Van, RV, minibus & passenger cars with 8-9 seats

28,57 8 000 Ft 45,00 12 600 Ft 249,39 69 830 Ft 40,89 11 450 Ft


Bus (≥ 10 seats)

63,32 17 730 Ft 89,82 25 150 Ft 817,32 228 850 Ft 81,75 22 890 Ft


Trailer (for category D2 and B2)

19,64 5 500 Ft 31,79 8 900 Ft 175,68 49 190 Ft 20,43 5 720 Ft



9,82 2 750 Ft 15,89 4 450 Ft

1 HUF = €0,00357 / Secure euro payment by OTP Simplepay
The purchase price of the vignettes is regulated by an official price, which is set in HUF. On our website, the buyer settles the official price in EUR. The current acceptance rate is shown below the product grid. The prices are shown excluding the handling fee.

The Hungarian e-vignette system applies to motorcycles, passenger cars (and their trailers), light-duty vehicles of a maximum permissible mass not exceeding 3.5 tonnes (commonly known as vans), buses, motor vehicles not subject to toll under separate legislation, and their trailers. Authorisations may be purchased with a 10-day (weekly), 30-day and yearly validity period. The annual regional vignette grants road use authorisation on the toll road network of the specific county.

The motorway vignette must always be purchased before entering the toll road section, it is recommended to take care of it before setting off. There is a grace period in the regulation helping bona fide road users who have mistakenly entered the toll road section, providing a maximum of 60 minutes from the time of entering to purchase a vignette. The subsequent purchase of a motorway vignette, therefore, does not constitute retroactive authorisation; the subsequent purchase of a vignette – with the above exception – shall be considered unauthorized road use and shall result in a fine.

Please note that the motorway vignette that can be purchased on our site is valid only in Hungary. Avoid unauthorised road use by always checking the vehicle registration number, country code, vehicle category and validity period.

The purchased vignette does not need to be affixed to he windscreen or be printed. The Hungarian e-vignette system is completely electronic and so is the toll enforcement, so the system uses registration number readers to decide if road use authorisation has been purchased for the given number plate. However, it is recommended that the confirmation message sent by e-mail be kept for a further 2 years after the expiry date. In case of electronic payment the confirmation message serves as a proof (the e-mail or downloadable counterfoil sent by our system). We recommend that you keep the counterfoil or the confirmation message received for two years after the last day of the validity period of the e-vignette.

Purchases on our site are made without registration. After entering the required data, the user pays the price of the motorway vignette with a credit card through a secure payment channel. In case of any problems related to the purchase of vignettes, our Customer Service is at your disposal.

Vignette type 10-day Monthly Annual Annual regional
D1 5 500 Ft 8 900 Ft 49 190 Ft 5 720 Ft
D2 8 000 Ft 12 600 Ft 69 830 Ft 11 450 Ft
B2 17 730 Ft 25 150 Ft 228 850 Ft 22 890 Ft
U 5 500 Ft 8 900 Ft 49 190 Ft 5 720 Ft
D1M 2 750 Ft 4 450 Ft