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Toll-free roads

With a few exceptions, the Hungarian expressway network is subject to tolls. You can spare yourself several inconveniences if you are aware of which sections of the expressway are toll roads and which ones are toll-free – all regulated according to Decree 37/2007 (III. 26.) of the GKM on Motorways, Expressways and Main Roads Subject to User Charge. For the map of toll road network click here.

Pursuant to the decree effective as of 1 January 2021, the following road sections can be used toll free:

• the following sections of Expressway M0:
- the section between Main Road 1 and Motorway M5,
- the section between Expressway M4 (Expressway 4 sign) and Motorway M3,
- Megyeri Bridge (the section between Main Roads 2 and 11),
• Motorway M31;
• the Pécs Southwest bypass section of Motorway M60 between roads 58 and 5826;
• Motorway M8;
• the section of Expressway M25 between Main Road 252 and collector road 2502;
• the section of Expressway M4 (‘Expressway 4’ sign) between Vecsés and Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport;
• the section of Expressway M4 (‘Expressway 4’ sign) between Üllő and Cegléd;
• Expressway M44;
• the section of Expressway M9 between Main Roads 6 and 51;
• the Kaposvár bypass section of Expressway M9 (‘Main Road 61’ sign).

Express road sections not on the above list are thus toll roads and are only available after the purchase of a motorway vignette.

Roads marked in green on the map are toll-free express road sections

Click to see the zoomable map in a new window.

Map of Hungarian toll road network