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Excess charge

If an enforcement reveals that a motor vehicle has no valid motorway vignette, a fine for unauthorised road use, corresponding to the category of the motor vehicle, will be imposed on the owner or the operator. See the table below for the amount of the fine:


(D1, D2, B2)


(if paid within 60 days)


(if paid beyond 60 days)

D1 / D2

18 750 Ft

74 970 Ft


84 330 Ft

337 290 Ft

The payment deadline shall be calculated from the day of receiving the fine payment notice letter.

Regulation for towing vehicles

If neither the towing vehicle of vehicle category D2 or B2 nor the trailer (vehicle category U) of the combination of vehicles has road use authorisation, instead of a double fine, only a single fine shall be imposed on the operator or the owner of the towing vehicle. The operator or the owner is also obliged to pay the fine also if the towing vehicle has a vignette, but the trailer does not have road use authorisation.

Maximization of fines

Unfortunately, there may be a number of reasons (e.g. error in the plate number, wrong category) that lead the driver to enter the toll road network thinking they have a valid vignette, and the opposite will only be realized when receiving the first fine payment notice. It is important to know that in this case it can be assumed that a longer period passed between the first unauthorised road use and the receipt of the resulting notice, and in the meantime, fines may be collected daily. If, more than two unauthorised road uses occurred, the owner or the operator of the vehicle meeting certain conditions as specified in the Toll Decree may request – either in person or in writing (paper or email) – the maximization of fines to no more than two fines at the Customer Service of the National Toll Payment Services PLC. Important information: the petition may only be submitted within 75 calendar days from the receipt of the first payment notice, however, the maximization of fines may be applied for several times per calendar year.

Fine collection procedure applicable to vehicles with foreign country codes

NTPS PLC collects fines imposed on vehicles with foreign country codes using the Hungarian toll road network without e-vignettes or with the wrong type of e-vignettes with the assistance of foreign partner agencies. Due to a lack of agreements with the relevant countries, NTPS PLC does not have direct access to the registries that would allow for the identification of the owners or operators of the specific vehicles based on their vehicle registration numbers. Therefore, NTPS PLC uses the services of companies with direct or indirect access to the registries of the countries concerned. Currently, NTPS PLC has a contractual relationship with 3 agencies enabling them to conduct fine procedures with regards to 22 countries.