Customer Service

AutoVignet Kft. – AUTOVIGNET 🇭🇺 delegated provider.
AutoVignet Kft. – our company is delegated by the National Mobile Payment PLC.
Principal office: H-2094 Nagykovácsi, Séta utca 2., Hungary
EU tax registration number: HU27116861
Trade registry number: 13-09-202680

Our Customer Service primarily provides help with your purchase on our site. In the following cases please, contact the customer service of National Toll Payment Services PLC directly:

  • transfer of the motorway vignette
  • change of vehicle registration number
  • correction of wrong vehicle category
  • modification of category
  • error in vehicle registration number
  • verification of existing authorisation
  • repurchase of double purchase
  • administration of fines

Phone: +36 (36) 587-500