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In the following, let us draw your attention to the most important information and describe the latest changes in the Hungarian e-vignette system.

What to pay attention to when purchasing the sticker?

In order to avoid the most common user mistakes, pay attention to purchase the e-vignette for the appropriate vehicle category. These vehicle categories can be determined based on the official entry in the vehicle registration certificate (fields J, F.1 and S.1.). Vehicle category D1 includes passenger cars with a maximum permissible gross weight of 3.5 tons, designed for the carriage of no more than 7 persons (and their trailers), with code ‘M1’ or ‘M1G’ in field ‘J’ of the vehicle registration certificate. Please note that the motorway vignette that can be purchased on our site is valid only in Hungary. Please check the vehicle registration number, country code and validity period in all cases to avoid typical mistakes. It is recommended to keep the counterfoil for 2 years from the last day of validity. Always make sure that the confirmation of successful purchase is displayed in your browser (especially the vignette ID) or that you receive a confirmation of successful purchase by e-mail. Please, contact our Customer Service if it does not happen.

Which are the latest toll road sections?

Several new express and main road sections were handed over during 2018 and 1 January 2019, thus increasing the length of the toll road network from 1,356 km to almost 1,380 km. The new road sections are:
  • Motorway M35 (section between Main Road 481 and Berettyóújfalu), length: 18.7 km
  • Motorway M4 (section between Berettyóújfalu and Main Road 47), length: 3.7 km
The complete list of toll road sections is included in Annex 2 to Decree 37/2007 (III. 26.) of the GKM in the e-vignette system.

What new rules apply to combinations of vehicles?

Several changes affect trailer regulations in the e-vignette system. An important change is that trailer authorisations (vehicle category U) can also be purchased for vehicles in category D2 or B2 (besides D2 or B2 authorisation) from the beginning of 2019. The provision is beneficial for drivers who can now use the e-vignette purchased for vehicle category U for towing vehicle for any trailer. Another part of changes concerns the amount of the fee that may be imposed in the event of unauthorised use of toll roads by combinations of vehicles and the range of road users who may be subject to such fines. Under the new regulations, if neither the combination of vehicles in vehicle category D2 or B2 nor its trailer (vehicle category U) is authorised to use the road, then, unlike before, instead of a double fine, there will only one fine payment obligation imposed on the operator or the owner of the towing vehicle. The operator or the owner is also obliged to pay the fine also if the towing vehicle has a vignette, but the trailer does not have road use authorisation.