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General Terms and Conditions

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AutoVignet Ltd.
Principal office: 2094 Nagykovácsi, Séta utca 2.
Tax registration number: HU27116861
Trade registry number: 13-09-202680
E-mail: info@autovignet.hu

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I. General Provisions

The provisions of the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) shall be solely applicable between the user initiating or making a purchase on the website en.autovignet.hu (hereinafter ‘User’) and AutoVignet Ltd (hereinafter ‘Service Provider’). The ‘User’ and the ‘Service Provider’ shall collectively be referred to as the ‘Parties’. User shall mean any natural or legal person of legal age, or organisation or other body without legal entity which initiates or performs purchase on the website. Performing a purchase on the en.autovignet.hu website shall only be possible by accepting the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) and the provisions of the Data Processing prospectus. Any matter not provided for under these GTC with regard to the activities of the Service Provider, shall be governed by the applicable laws and regulations of Hungary in force, including the provisions of the Civil Code without any special stipulation.

II. Subject of Service

Our website provides the purchase of road use rights (motorway vignettes, e-vignettes) only for the territory of Hungary.

AutoVignet Kft. is a provider delegated by the National Mobile Payments Plc. The motorway toll sticker service provided by AutoVignet Kft. is based on the centralised mobile sales service operated by the National Mobile Payment Ltd., which exists as the National Mobile Payment Organisation (NMFSZ). On the basis of the individual contract concluded with the National Mobile Payment Plc., AutoVignet Kft. is delegated to provide the motorway toll sticker service.

III. The Content of the Contract, Contract Formation

The Service Provider shall make available the opportunity to use of all the Services and functions of the en.autovignet.hun website for the User. The Contract between the Parties is concluded by rendering the Service in compliance with the rules of concluding a Contract electronically. The rendered Service is considered to be a written contract, which is recorded on the Service Provider’s website. The User shall receive a counterfoil of the purchase to the provided e-mail address, confirming the act, date and content of purchase.

The User is liable for ensuring that any data provided during the purchase is accurate, true and complete, and the Service Provider is not liable for any inaccuracy, falseness or incompleteness of the data provided by the User.

IV. Terms of Service

The motorway vignette shall always be purchased before entering the toll road section (it is recommended to be perform the purchase before starting the journey). There is a grace period in the regulation which came into force on 1 January 2018, helping bona fide road users who have mistakenly entered the toll road section, providing a maximum of 60 minutes from the time of entering to purchase road use authorisation. The subsequent purchase of a motorway vignette, therefore, does not constitute retroactive authorisation; the subsequent purchase of a vignette – with the above exception – shall be considered unauthorised road use and shall result in a fine.

In the case of credit card payment, the validity shall earliest be effective from the date of bank card payment.

V. The process of ordering

Purchases on the en.autovignet.hu website are made without registration. After entering the required data, the User pays the price of the motorway vignette with a credit card through a secure payment channel.

After selecting the e-vignette the User needs, he / she enters the required data (we provide purchasing opportunity in accordance with the principle of data minimisation: country code, vehicle registration number, e-mail), verifies them, accepts the General Terms and Conditions and the Data Processing Principles and clicks on the ‘Submit Order’ button. Then, the User is directed to the secure payment page of the bank card accepting partner, OTP Mobil / SimplePay (AutoVignet Ltd does not see or manage any card data).

The User enters their card data on the secure payment page of SimplePay and executes the payment. Then, SimplePay directs the User back to the website en.autovignet.hu.

The payment may be of successful or unsuccessful status.

After the successful payment, the Service Provider lists the details of the purchase on the page that appears including the vignette ID confirming the successful vignette purchase, and also sends a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the User, which also contains the purchase details and vignette ID.

The User will also receive a confirmation e-mail of the successful payment from OTP Mobil / SimplePay.

The User shall check the vehicle registration number, country code and validity period in all cases to avoid typical mistakes. It is recommended to keep the counterfoil for 2 years from the last day of validity, as the User may use it to prove his / her road use authorisation if necessary. The counterfoil may be printed, but the electronic version is also acceptable.

VI. Provision on the financial performance

Financial performance does not automatically entitle drivers the road use authorisation.

For your own sake, please make sure that the confirmation of successful purchase is displayed in your browser (especially the vignette ID) or that you receive a confirmation of successful purchase by e-mail; please, contact our Customer Service if it does not happen.

If you do not receive the counterfoil of the successful purchase and enter the toll road section this way, the consequences shall be borne by the user, and the Service Provider shall not be held liable.

VII. Obligations of the Parties

The Service Provider processes the User’s data solely in accordance with the provisions of the Data Processing prospectus.

The Service Provider shall provide the ordered Service from the date of purchase.

The User shall bear liability for the correctness of the data – especially that of the e-mail address –provided during the process of purchase.

The User states, that his / her ability to enter into a contract is not restricted.

Making a purchase on the website assumes that the User is aware of, and accepts the possibilities and limitations of the internet. The User and / or Purchaser acknowledges that the potential risks associated with browsing and purchasing must be assessed by himself / herself, and he / she must ensure the safe use of his / her computer and the protection of the data stored on it. Service Provider shall not be liable for damages caused by any reason beyond his / her control for which he / she is not at fault (force majeure), including, but not limited to damages caused by:

• the use or malfunction of the website;
• the change of the data by anyone;
• the delays in the transmission of information;
• viruses;
• software failure, hardware failure, Internet network failure;
• other technical errors;
• line or system failure.

The User shall solely use the Services for lawful and legitimate purposes. It is prohibited to use the Service for illegal purposes, and it is prohibited to resell the purchased Services to third parties (exclusion of resale). The Service Provider shall have to right to exclude the User with immediate effect in case he / she becomes aware of the fact of resale.

The User acknowledges that the use of the Service shall be at his / her own risk.

VIII. Modification, erasure of order

After the order has been approved (after the vignette ID has been issued), the order shall no longer be cancelled or modified. The Service Provider shall begin the provision of the Service immediately after the purchase. Thus, the User’s right to withdraw from the contract concluded in absentia is regulated by Government Decree 17/1999 (II. 5.).

IX. Restriction of access

Service Provider may forbid the use of the website for the User, in case User hinders or prevents the proper operation of the Service, especially if the activities of the User

• attempt to perform unauthorised data acquisition, data transmission or intrusion into other computer systems using the Service provided to him / her;
• make an attempt to view or obtain non-public or business secret data and files stored on the server of the Service Provider or used during the use of the electronic Service without permission;
• implement or attempt to make unauthorised use of computers, electronic systems, and their resources (e.g. proxies, e-mail servers, printers, network gateways, and other connected hardware) owned by others;
• result in unauthorised modification of files or data stored on the Service Provider’s server, or attempt to commit such actions.

X. Terms and Termination of the Contract

The Parties enter into this Contract for an indefinite period.

The User may terminate the Contract in the manner described in the Data Processing prospectus (he / she may delete his / her stored data in accordance with the provisions of the legal regulations in effect). The Service Provider is entitled to terminate the Contract effective with immediate effect if he / she becomes aware of the fact that the User uses the Service for illegal purposes. The Service Provider may amend the provisions of this Contract unilaterally.

Considering that the Service Provider begins the performance with the express, preliminary consent of the User, and the User acknowledges that after the provision of the complete Service, he / she loses the right of termination, in the case of a Service Contract, the User does not have the right to withdraw from the contract concluded in absentia is accordance with Section 29(1)(a) of Government Decree 45/2014 (II. 26.). In the event of a complaint that may arise during the use of the Service, the User may contact the Customer Service of the Service Provider.

XI. Credit card payment information

The Service Provider provides bank card payment via OTP Mobil / SimplePay online payment solution. The Simple online payment system is developed and operated by

OTP Mobil Ltd.
1143 Budapest, Hungária krt. 17-19.
Trade registry number: 01-09-174466
Tax registration number: HU24386106

OTP Mobil Ltd. is a member of the OTP Group.

Accepted credit cards:

• Visa Classic (embossed),
• MasterCard (embossed),
• Visa Electron (not embossed) – only those cards for which the issuing bank has authorised the use of the Internet,
• Maestro (not embossed) – only those cards for which the issuing bank has authorised the use of the Internet.

The User shall enter the following card data on the website of OTP Mobil Ltd:

• name of the issuing bank,
• name of the card owner,
• card number,
• card verification code,
• card expiration date.

For Customer security and to prevent possible credit card misuse, credit card purchases are made using two-factor customer authentication / 3D Secure feature. The Customer shall confirm and execute the financial transaction initiated on his / her online interface with the confirmation code sent to the telephone number provided at the card issuing bank.

In the case of credit card payment, the validity shall earliest be effective from the date of bank card payment.

I acknowledge the following personal data stored in the user account of AutoVignet Ltd. (H-2094 Nagykovácsi, Séta utca 2., Hungary) in the user database of en.autovignet.hu will be handed over to OTP Mobil Ltd. and is trusted as data processor. The data transferred by the data controller are the following: name, e-mail, phone number, address (ZIP code, city/town, street and house number). The nature and purpose of the data processing activity performed by the data processor in the SimplePay Privacy Policy can be found at the following link: https://simplepay.hu/vasarlo-aff/

XII. Billing Terms and Conditions

If the Customer indicate his / her need for a VAT invoice during the purchase at the website of AutoVignet Ltd, the system will send the invoice to the e-mail address provided during the purchase, generally within minutes, or in 24 hours at latest. If the Customer does not request a VAT invoice during the purchase process, it cannot be supplied. The invoice about the Service is available in pdf format. The invoice issued this way is original, the User’s copy (valid without a signature or stamp as well), suitable for accounting and complies with the requirements of Decree No. 47/2008 of the Minister of Finance. The User agrees that the printing of the invoice is the responsibility of the User, it will not be posted by the Service Provider.

XIII. Service fee

E-vignettes may be purchased on our site with the payment of the following transaction (convenience) fees (incl. 27% VAT):

D1 €3.51 €3.38 €5.65 €14.55 €3.61
D2 €5.01 €4.50 €7.40 €20.61 €7.51
U €3.51 €3.38 €5.65 €14.55 €3.61
D1M €1.73 €1.55 €3.05 €14.55 €3.61

XIV. Miscellaneous Provisions

The Parties agree that regarding issues concerning their legal relationship, they shall act in accordance with the legal system of Hungary, to which they submit exclusively. Any matter not provided for under these GTC shall be governed by the Agreement between the Parties and the applicable laws and regulations of Hungary, including in particular the provisions of Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code.