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Regional vignette

Regional vignettes are the only territory-based stickers in Hungary. They grant road use authorisation on the toll speedway network of a specific county within their validity period. They are available for vehicles in categories D1, D2, U and B2, i.e. they may be purchased for all categories except for motorcyclist category D1M.

You may purchase multiple regional e-vignettes for a single vehicle – it may be cost-efficient if you tend to use the road networks of one or a few counties all year. Being an annual vignette, it is to be purchased at the beginning of the year or in advance, as in this case the vignette may be valid for 13 months for the same amount of money. Although it may not be easy to estimate which toll roads you will use during the year, if your initial ideas do not change much, regional vignettes may provide a substantial cost reduction compared to the annual national authorisation. Thus, it partly provides the convenience of the annual national authorisation with territorial restrictions, as in case it is purchased, there is no need to worry about vignettes until 31 January of the next year – when and what type to buy, keeping in mind the validity or thinking of detours to use, etc.

Since motorcycles are not used all year long, there are no separate annual national and annual regional e-vignettes for them. In case you need one, you can buy the vignette at the price of the category D1 , i.e. a category D1 vignette is to be purchased for the motorcycle.


The validity of the annual regional vignettes is the same as that of the annual stickers, i.e. they are valid from the first day of the year concerned until the 24th hour of 31 January of the following year (altogether 13 months if the purchase takes place on 1 January of the year concerned). In case the annual regional vignette is purchased within its validity period, it entitles the holder to use the roads concerned from the time of purchase until the 24th hour of 31 January of the following year.

Territorial scope

It extends to the first junction past the county border.

Currently, the following counties have toll sections. Check out the map for the territorial validity of specific regional vignettes by junction numbers and road section numbers:

Baranya megyeBács-Kiskun megyeBorsod-Abaúj-Zemplén megyeCsongrád-Csanád megyeFejér megyeGyőr-Moson-Sopron megyeHajdú-Bihar megyeHeves megyeJász-Nagykun-Szolnok megyeKomárom-Esztergom megyePest megyeSomogy megyeSzabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg megyeTolna megyeVas megyeVeszprém megyeZala megye

Rates 2022

A regional vignette grants road use authorisation on the whole toll speedway network of a specific county. It costs HUF 5450 in vehicle categories D1 and U, HUF 10900 in vehicle category D2 and HUF 21800 in B2 (bus). After prior notification, large families and people with reduced mobility are eligible for purchasing category D1 e-vignette for their car of vehicle category D2.